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Welcome to Serengeti National Park. Here you can see over a million wildebeest and zebras crowd together, hooves kick dust and lions hunt at dawn. So if you want to witness the world’s largest overland migration and the Big Five, this is the place to be. Enjoy one of the most breathtaking natural wonders in Africa. 

Travelling has the capacity to open your eyes so wide and show you a world that you may never have imagined existed. For me it’s a compulsion, it’s an improbable and unforeseeable adventure, which excites me immensely. The people, the culture, the scenery, the language, the smells, the atmosphere…  Everything about visiting a whole new place is just so astounding and character building.  Tanzania is certainly no exception to this rule!


Serengeti National Park

The name ‘Serengeti’ comes from the Maasai language and means an ‘extended place’. The National Park alone covers an area of 13 000 sq km.

The Serengeti ecosystem, which includes the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, the Grumeti Reserve, the Maswa Game Reserve, the Masai Mara Game reserve (in Kenya) and numerous concession areas, is roughly the size of Sicily. It lies between the shores of Lake Victoria in the west, Lake Eyasi in the south, and the Great Rift Valley to the east.

Great migration

Say the ‘Wildebeest Migration’ and most of you picture grunting wildebeest and zebras crossing rivers. Dust explodes, lions stalk an easy prey, crocodiles and fast flowing wild rivers await the herds.

Hence, the Great Migration is an journey full of danger and only the strongest survive. Enjoy the impressive sights of all those mammals thundering across the plains. It is truly an amazing experience to watch this nature spectacle first-hand.


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