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Ngorongoro national park is renowned for its exceptional beauty and unique features along with its perfection in rare wild species. Spend your vacation on 12miles wide and 2,000 feet deep escarpment.Three million years ago there existed a massive super volcano mountain that stood higher and mightier than its neighbor Mt.Kilimanjaro. 

Its glory all around fell when it erupted with a blast so ferocious that it caved in on itself, an implosion creating a caldera spanning a hundred square miles. It is12miles wide and 2,000 feet deep. But its glory returned after a few decades. Over the course of a few years this geologic divot filled with life as it caught pockets of fresh water, developed lush vegetation and got arrival from the wild species.

Olduvai Gorge, Ngorongoro


Ngorongoro Crater is one among the BIG 5 national parks in Tanzania but also among the 7 wonders of the world. This national park inhabits almost every specie found in the region except giraffes that cannot negotiate with the steep incline down. It is one of the few remaining places that inhabit the rare and highly endangered black rhino.

It is also possible to see lone or bachelor bulls, elephant species, contented prides of lion, resident herd of wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, impala, baboons in various species and so much more. Also, the famous Olduvai Gorge is near the crater, a place you can visit to find out where the Leakey family conducted their research for several years.


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